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Ratepayer impacts of an RPS can also derail its adoption politically.

A counterbalance to the impacts on ratepayers is that RPS mandates usually drive local economic growth.

States often design them to drive a particular technology by providing "carve out" provisions that mandate a certain percentage of electricity generated comes from a particular technology (e.g. States can choose to apply the RPS requirement to all its utilities or only the investor owned utilities.

I realise that this isn’t obvious to some people—even those who claim to be on the conservative side of the political argument. Sure there are other geopolitical threats out there—from ISIS, Iran and the crumbling EU to a muscle-flexing Russia and an increasingly arrogant China—but there’s probably none which has quite so big an impact on ordinary peoples’ daily lives, on their economic and social wellbeing, and on their children’s future as the Green Blob.

for some private briefings, both with his transition teams and with key members of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, I came away more confident than ever that Trump has what it takes—especially when it comes to dealing with arguably the most dangerous menace of our time: the massively corrupt, overblown, expensive, misanthropic, bullying, insidious, ugly, mendacious and hideously destructive environmental industry—aka The Green Blob.

The Green Blob’s tentacles extend everywhere: into our kids’ classrooms (where they are brainwashed with environmental propaganda); into our universities (where whole departments have now been hijacked by green junk science—because hey, that’s where the money is); into the mainstream media (most of which repeats, unquestioningly, the spurious claims of impending eco-disaster put out by environmental activists and publicity-hungry university departments); into business, which now wastes billions on environmental compliance and billions more on energy costs artificially inflated by the almost entirely unnecessary government-mandated drive for renewables); into government (where few politicians, even now, have the nous to appreciate that they have been sold a pup and who still continue to inflict more “sustainable” initiatives on their hapless electorates); into the economy, where jobs have been killed and growth blighted by measures designed by eco-fascists on a self-admitted mission to destroy Western industrial civilisation; into the environment, which has been ravaged by the very things we’re told are supposed to help save it—from bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco crucifixes to those forests in the US which have been chopped down to create wood-chip biofuels to be burned at Britain’s Drax power station to the rare-earth minerals mined in appalling conditions in China to make wind turbines; into the cost of living (inflated by green taxes, regulations and tariffs), where in some cases people have been driven into fuel poverty and an early death because governments like Obama’s have caused electricity prices “necessarily” to “skyrocket” by mandating renewables over cheaper, more reliable fossil fuel.

Having adequate transmission capacity to accommodate generation from renewable resources is important for the success of an RPS.

States with successful RPSs either have adequate transmission available or plans to build it.

For those new to EPP, implementing a green purchasing program is not always simple.

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