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During the drive, they reportedly shared kisses while stopped at intersections.The two apparently met through a friend last October.This entry was posted on April 28, 2010, am and is filed under ♥Other JPOP Updates♥.You can follow any responses to this entry through RSS 2.0.He hurriedly draws a sketch of her until she departs the train.

A reporter confronted Sawajiri outside her Tokyo home yesterday evening and asked about the rumor, to which she replied only, The actress has been married to hypermedia creator Takashiro Tsuyoshi (45, photo right) for only a year and three months, and she has barely worked in showbiz since the infamous “Betsuni” incident in September 2007.It is said that they have traveled overseas together multiple times since then. In July they have been in Taiwan together, and in August they have been in San Francisco.Erika's agency Stardust, neither approves nor denies the rumor."It's their privacy." - We will have to wait for either Erika or Takashiro to comment on this. 199036-Rate-Erika-Sawajiri was not found on this server.He also learns that she's divorced and an older sister of his long-time girlfriend Natsuki Saito (Erika Sawajiri), who wants to be his bride.

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