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Online daters should no longer be considered a desperate minority that trolls the web for love.

In fact, a fascinating infographic from Online Schools reveals the truth about online dating — it's booming and might even be bigger than porn.

Men lie about their age, height and income, while women distort the truth about their weight, physical build and age.

Though that doesn't appear to stop online daters from marrying much faster than their offline counterparts, especially should the couple in question have met on e Harmony.

Do you play online games with your significant other?

Or do you think online dating (or even traditional dating!

Per the graphic — which pulls data from a number of sources, including Reuters and The Washington Post — online dating is worth more than one billion dollars per year, with the mobile phone dating market worth 0 million.

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When it comes to sexting, the survey found 32% of singles have sent a sext and 51% have received one. Helen Fisher, biological anthropologist and chief scientific adviser to says sexting is the modern way to find a mate — using technology to act on a deep evolutionary strategy.

Most guys aren't grinding away at their Level 45 Battle Mage in order to meet the ladies.

But online gaming across the board is becoming more mainstream, and lots of people spend lots of time in virtual worlds — men and women alike.

Despite the growing popularity of online dating networks, they still don't hold a candle to gaming juggernauts like World of Warcraft in terms of user base and interaction.

And according to the studies aggregated in the infographic below, the meaningful connections gamers make over online adventures go a lot further toward relationship building.

Pro-tip: A full body photo increases messages received by a whopping 203 percent, on average.

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