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'Hang out', on a date site could be the same, but that would strike me more that it could just be a platonic friendship....

I do think people sometimes choose it too, so as not to feel too obligated to move too quickly too soon, preferring for a relationship to evolve more naturally without too much stated expectation, and I think in that instance the hope for something more serious may ultimately still be there, albeit implicitly.

So in a way it is no different to "hang out" - although those 2 responses are in different categories aren't they?

I think it means just meeting for 'dates' but dont expect a relationship to develop..of course they wont want sex will they.. What I actually think is that they are just looking for a shagits just a little way of saying they dont want marriage and to settle down in a fully commited relationship and have children after one or two dates.there is actualy people on here who expect that sort of thing.with the fecking fairys they are if you ask me..

Why go clubbing to find a shag, if you can go online from the comfort of your home, and check out hundreds of times the number of suitors than you could ever meet in one night in a club?

So, for six months, I was pretty careful to try to seek out the eligible guys looking for a relationship, as opposed to those simply looking for another notch on their bedpost!

I think it means that the person would like to go on dates, but doesn't want or isn't looking for it to get serious.

Some people think dates have to or should develop into something and some people just see it as a chance to spend time with someone they think they might get on with (I'm in the latter group) - whether that just be as mates or a casual sex thing or whatever.

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I had demoed some of the paid sites before, and the profiles all seemed to be of guys who probably don’t normally talk to women in the real world, or men a lot older than me.

I wanted to use a site where the guys would be relatively similar to me – ‘normal’ people, who socialise, live normal, fun, active lives, and are confident enough talking to the opposite sex, but who just want to widen their social ‘net’.

In six or so months online dating, before everything with Henley Boy, I had only met up with one guy for a date. and if they get past that initial filter, then I also like to think I’m a pretty good judge of character, so if anything in their first few messages comes across as a bit odd, I normally sever all conversations.

Henley Boy was the second ever guy from a dating website I gave my phone number to. a site I picked, because it seemed like a site that ‘normal’ guys used.

Inviting someone in isn’t an offer for physical intimacy, certainly, but many men will interpret it that way, even if it’s only wishful thinking. Do you have friends or are you looking for me to provide all your entertainment?

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