Ideas for updating a gold frame


The lamp base below was given a shimmery makeover by Jessica of Decor Adventures using our Pale Gold Metallic Paint.Jessica from Decor Adventures also used the same quart of Pale Gold Metallic Paint to update a mirror frame.However, when it comes to mastering the mirror frame upcycle we’re all about making it as simple as possible.Spray paint is a quick and easy solution when transforming furniture with quirky or intricate designs because you can cover those hard to reach places.Each transformation lasted a few years until I tired of it or they looked beat up.I am not sure what color they will be next, but I will make my decision soon.To do this project, paint the cabinet or vanity a solid color, add trim around the edges of the door fronts, then attach the plywood his-and-hers silhouettes with liquid bonding adhesive.

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I have put most of my plans for this room on hold, but I need a few small projects to do in between the bigger ones that I still have to tackle in my studi I figured why not start. When I decorated this kitchen, shiny brass was popular.

The metallic lined lampshades add interest during the day and casts a warm, inviting glow at night.

Of course, you can always paint the lamp itself for a dazzling result.

I also have many Spray Painting Tips before you start. If you spray paint a lot, get a big box that will accommodate all sizes. I used foam and a Popsicle stick to hold this clock top up.

This way you can move the piece easily by picking up the foam and not the actual object to turn it around so that you get all sides equally covered with spray paint.

Some of our friends have inspiring design ideas that we thought we’d share with you. Be sure to check out her Light Fixture Transformation Tutorial as well as her Flower Pot Redo How-to. Adding metallic highlights to furniture or carved wood adds such an elegant touch.

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