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Fix CPU setup may show error message when using certain B3 stepping Phenom CPU. Fix revision certain Phenom CPUs(B3 stepping) setup show error message. Fixed revision certain Phenom CPUs(B3 stepping) setup show error message. Fix "ESC" does not work when Quick Boot function is disabled in BIOS.3. Fix the problem that "ESC"function fail if Quick Boot function is disabled in BIOS.3. fixed the problem that "ESC"function fail if Quick Boot function is disabled in BIOS.3. Now, while this all sounds good, the Phenom still has one major problem that AMD is no doubt working around the clock to correct.A word you probably do not hear very often is “ Erratum”, though this has been associated with the new Phenom processors quite a bit.The TLB erratum is said to be fixed in the B3 stepping of all AMD quad-core processors, which includes both Phenom and Barcelona (dual-core) processors, however the new stepping won't become available until next March.

I am going to try to mod the BIOS before sending in the board or ripping off the chip.

Hi All, I've got a customized AMD gaming Spider Platform.

Currently my bios is Version 1301, and the latest and greatest bios just came out with tons of major fixes BIOS verion 1406, i even dl couple other of the same version differnt parts of my drive.

All went well with the utility, and it confirmed it was successful. It's some kind of design flaw with the board ROM or the BIOS. Here is a list of everything I have tried, all of which end up in the same place of an unbootable system that only loads BIOS: Reflashed BIOS. I suppose I could try to go back, one version at a time, until I am at the original? and they only offered managers for me to speak with. https://com/Motherboards/M3A32M...p Desk_Download/I flashed to the 2301, though the 2104 would have worked too for the CPU I am using.

That just ticked me off more, because a manager doesn't know any more than them. I read around on this issue and found suggestions to get the installation disc, pop it in, and hold down ctrl plus pgup on boot to get access to a utility that would clear the NVRAM properly before a flash. I did, however, get my hands on the for another Asus board of a fairly similar generation, maybe only one gen newer, in hopes that would work. So, at my last wits and the Indians asking me to send the board to Asus (I doubt they will fix it, long out of warranty which I already explained to the guy TWICE.). The mobo currently has the 2104 on it, and I can flash it back to the 2301. I followed along on the guide here, picked up the MMTOOL V3.26.

This new platform still uses DDR2 memory but adds Hyper Transport 3.0 support and split power lanes (which benefits power savings).

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