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They included Sergei Bodrov junior, son of a prominent Russian director of the same name, who was filming with a crew when the disaster struck.

His greatest flying challenge up to now: there is a "special" challenge for established pilots too – for Raimund Riedmann, this was his first flight with the Corsair – of course he could resort to the vast experience of his predecessor, Sigi Angerer– but at some point you have to just say "here goes! It was an oldtimer even back then, a 1950s Rhönlerche, the training glider in Innsbruck, back in the summer of 1986. RR: What gets me is how advanced those planes were in terms of aerodynamics.

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The group of eight people was using touring skis, with which one can climb and descend, making remote areas accessible. Five Italians and an Austrian who were mountain climbing died on March 12 when a 300 yard snowslide swept them away at an altitude of more than 10,800ft in the Monte Nevoso region near the border with Austria. Four French men and two women were ski touring on January 24 in the Queyras range in eastern France when they were killed by an avalanche.

A total of 267 people died in the Austrian Alps last year, down from an average of 297 over the past 10 years, including 17 in avalanches, according to the Austrian Alpine safety board. And on September 15 four Germans and three Czechs who were climbing in three teams died when an avalanche broke loose on the Dome de Neige des Écrins, a 13,170-foot peak in the French Alps.

The tragedy occurred at around 12.30pm near the Jochgrubenkopf peak at 2,450 metres (8,040ft) above sea level, southeast of Innsbruck.'Four from the group survived and were rescued by helicopter.

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