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Each couple draws a card and then asks another couple the question on the card.The second couple has a certain amount of time to answer correctly.After years of marriage, you and your spouse know each other so well that it’s easy to get comfortable and forget there is still so much more to learn about one another.It can become difficult to continue improving and deepening your relationship. ” is important, but it does not tell the full story.They are intended for Christian married couples, so if your dating but not married, simply make the needed adjustments. Start the tradition of asking each other questions! I’m a young-ish, stay-at-home mom of three adorably-fun little ones and writer! I write mostly about motherhood, deep living, and finding freedom and meaning through simplicity.Also check out our Marriage Purpose Statement Date Night Activity!

of them may be hard to ask and answer, but they’re crafted from the belief that being humbly open and honest is best. Each card contains a mix of lighthearted and deep questions.

, whether we're going "out on the town" or staying in for an at-home date. I loved the beginning, when we were simply friends learning each other's favorite color or favorite type of music.

There's nothing like that quality time and intent in discovering the intricacies of the other person. But there is still so much we can learn about each other; so many ways we can still grow our intimacy through conversation. indulgence Beyond favorites, there's something about knowing if a person prefers a mac or a pc (for example) that can be so telling about personality and how they tick.

Then have each set of couples see how many it can correctly match up within five minutes.

This is an intimate game, made for couples to complete together away from the eyes and ears of others. These can be general, such as "What is your all-time favorite food?

Nor does it necessarily meet the need for deeper communication.

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