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But the more epic love story is happening before our very eyes: It’s not Christian and Anastasia, it’s Jamie Dornan and his wife, singer and sometimes actress Amelia Warner. Anyway, doesn’t a day at the beach sound better than like, flying around in a weird drone with your boyfriend who stalked you across the country (or whatever that was at the end of )? Because honestly, we don’t know them like that, but they seem like a chill, cute couple who do normal things and don’t talk non-stop about signing sex contracts or not signing sex contracts and we don’t need that kind of drama in our lives, Christian and Ana: Christian tried to pretend he was a gentleman, but dude is just rich.

Here are all the reasons why we prefer their story: Hey!

Also in 1999, she made her debut film appearance in the movie 'Mansfield Park'.

In 2000, Warner appeared in five roles, beginning with a television movie called 'Don Quixote', before appearing in the film 'Quills'.

Amelia Warner (born Amelia Catherine Bennett ) is a British actress and musician, often known by her stage name, Slow Moving Millie.

Childhood: Amelia Warner was born in Merseyside, United Kingdom, to actors Annette Ekblom and Alun Lewis.

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“It’s hard to navigate my career around it and I don’t want to exploit the situation, but I’m trying to find my way," she says.

Geraldine promptly fired Amelia from her team for stepping up to her, but Kayla's husband asked Amelia to perform the surgery.

, but that doesn’t mean that they can expect the public to stop referring to them.

She is the niece of Hywel Bennett, who is the brother of her father.

At a young age, she attended Royal Court's youth theatre group.

Jamie and Amelia announced their engagement last November, and although the pair are yet to set a date for the wedding, it has been reported that their ceremony will take place inside a country house in Somerset.

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