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It appears to be the most popular way of finding your “match” these days. You are bored and want to meet a man, but don’t know where to meet one, so you sign up with an online dating service.You post your photo, write a paragraph or more about yourself, and/or complete their questionnaire.With an unlimited number of other people on offer via the internet, there’s little incentive to work it out if things get tough.And with the cloak of anonymity the net provides, it’s never been easier to be unfaithful.‘The internet has opened up this sense of “Where do I stop? ‘In previous generations, people met a partner and accepted they wouldn’t be perfect in every aspect, but internet dating is like a chocolate box that never stops giving.Over the past decade, she’s tried ten websites, had dates with 40 men and chatted — online or over the phone — to countless other potential suitors.

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The worldwide online dating industry grosses over billion dollars per year, making it a bigger industry than porn.

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And thus result in losing the one you love after so many special moments of combing online dating sites.

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