Datagridview cellvalidating not firing Dirty facetime chats


In one of my cases I had a cancel button on a panel on a form, so I had to set Causes Validation = false on the panel as well as the form. However, I am not sure that I fully understand your scenario. Regards, Jack the Telerik team I think I am looking for the same effect.When I click on the Cancel button I just want to close the form.I don't want any validation for the edit box to be executed. Here is an important detail: if the validation fails, then If the validation occurs when the edit box loses focus, nothing about the the cancel button is going to stop that from happening.If the user wished to place a discount on each row, they enter it once, and then in a For Each loop, I place the value in the cell; however the calculation does not take appears as if the Cell Validating or Row Validating events are not firing.Here is my snipit of code: OK - sorry for the drawn out process.

I have a Windows Form with an edit box and a Cancel button. The code is executed every time the edit box loses focus.Like many others I needed to use combo boxes that would accept typing, so I handle the Cell Validating event on that datagridview to do some processing.What I've found is that Cell Validating doesn't fire as I expected.Canceling this event cancels the changes to the current cell. When this event is canceled in data-bound mode, the new value is not pushed to the underlying data source. I need to perform a task whenever the user ordinarily ends edit mode (no matter if the user actually modified the value or not; but not when the user cancels edit mode by pressing ESC) in a Text Box column of a is only set when the user actually changes the value.

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