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His favorite slogan is “it’s sexy to be smart” and his message is to encourage singles to think and be creative.However, his background is a hundred and eighty degrees different from anything to do with relationships!In fact, you can upload poems and store poems you enjoy, sharing them with your favorite members as a way to get chats going.You won’t find that on many dating sites, rest assured!Do not forget about creating a plan to get the word out effectively. So my piece of software is the web browser, server, linux, the php language and other key web components like CSS, javascript mysql, and HTML. Though youtube is immensely popular, most singles online don’t have a clue how to make a video of themselves and put it online.

Community is key on Brainiac Dating, and you’re actively encouraged to upload information about your favorite books, movies, artists and more.Simply fill in the 1-page registration which asks for your chosen user name, password and email address.Once you complete the initial registration form, your profile will remain pending until approved by the site administrators.Blog posting is big on this site too, and you can write as many posts as you like, following and commenting on messages that other members post. You just look at the world differently and want to meet others like you.Anyone who professes to care about brains is welcome.

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