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The history of California pottery includes Spanish settlers, the advent of Statehood and population growth, the arts and crafts movement, Great Depression, World War II era and the onslaught of low prices mass-produced imports.California potters large and small have left a legacy of collectibles, art, and architecture. Determine if there is evidence of a struggle, or if the assault is "one sided" 3.Confirm or refute statements made by principles in the case: IE: Are stain patterns on a particular person's clothing consistent with accounts given by the victim, witness, or defendant?California pottery includes industrial, commercial, and decorative pottery produced in the Northern California and Southern California regions of the U. Ceramics include terra cotta, earthenware, porcelain, and stoneware products. Production includes brick, sewer pipe, architectural terra cotta, tile, garden ware, tableware, kitchenware, art ware, figurines, giftware, and ceramics for industrial use.

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Next in size was the Trenton area, followed by East Liverpool, and a few in the middle west such as Ceramic Arts Studio and Haeger Potteries.

With imports cut off from European and Asian markets, small family owned businesses and larger potteries stepped in to fill the need for ceramic giftwares and tablewares throughout the United States.

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