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Albi is also the birthplace of Toulouse Lautrec, and over 1,000 examples of his works are housed in the museum at the former Episcopal Berbie Palace here.The nearby market town of Gaillac has the Tarn River running along its border and boasts the spectacular 10th century Abbey Saint-Michael. The seductive tango to the firey rhythms of the Flamenco guitar. We love to paint, to draw, to daub and wield a palette knife. Surround yourself with light, colour and striking scenery guaranteed to inspire. As a total beginner, I learnt loads and was brought to places you'd never find on your own. Singles can share a room or pay extra for a private room. Most of our clients prefer to join the Solos group on their own, but if you have a friend, relative or colleague that you think would love this type of singles holiday, then do please tell them about Solos Holidays for their own holiday.

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So you won’t find us crowing about how amazing our Chefs are. An all round great experience learning the cuisine within its context.

Over the years, Solos have come to understand that many of our customers prefer to travel with like-minded people of their own age, so if you’re looking for single holidays over 50 or 50 single holidays, we (unlike other operators) suggest age ranges for certain departures.

All our holidays, breaks and events are recommended for certain age groups such as the over 50s, but you can be sure that all our clients are single travellers travelling alone, without a partner, and all are most welcome!

Included tours give you the chance to admire the tremendous fortresses, impressive churches and spectacular cathedrals that rise from the landscape.

Standing on the banks of the River Tarn, Albi is a delightful red-brick city steeped in history.

Many of the most established singles operators, such as Just You and Friendship Travel, go out of their way to reassure potential customers – apprehensive about going away with a group of strangers – that they won’t be expected to join in all the activities.

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