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See https://github.com/everyplay/everyplay-android-sdk Looking for Unity plugin? See https://github.com/everyplay/everyplay-unity-sdk Looking for Adobe AIR version?See https://github.com/everyplay/everyplay-air-sdk Everyplay SDK is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 ( with restrictions.Release for i Phone OS version 2.0b7, which unlocked Apple's . This release was for WWDC, Apple's developer's conference, which is noted as part of the name of the i Phone OS beta download.

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The interface for using FBSDKLogin Button remains the same.

Complete details can be found in the platform changelog and platform upgrade guide.

here are the highlights: and take advantage of App Links, the Facebook SDK for i OS requires the Bolts framework.

However, loading an application onto the devices is only possible after paying an i OS Developer Program fee, which is .00 USD per year. Several beta SDKs are usually released to developers before the version is released publicly.

Apple normally releases a new SDK concurrently with every major (i OS x.0 – e.g. The betas are intended to be used for testing for compatibility with existing applications and to add features that are newly available in that version of i OS.

The Bolts.framework is installed alongside the Facebook SDK by the package installer (default location is ~/Documents/Bolts.framework).).

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