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This is his story.“In 2012 I had a stroke, which left me partially sighted along with other cognitive problems, a few months after starting work as a support worker for Autism Together, thankfully they kept my job open for me after nearly a year off sick, as I would not have been able to return to my previous career as a taxi driver and lorry driver which I did for over 30 years.I was given the opportunity to do the Advanced Apprenticeship in Social Care.At the age of 52 I was a bit unsure if I wanted to do it or if I was capable of learning, but I surprised myself, I found it challenging but interesting.

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The panel containing St John is the most complete and the only one to have retained its canopy.

His son, also named William, signed a charter in 1334, witnessed by his father, promising to find an honest chaplain to pray for his parents’ souls after their deaths.

Our panel was commissioned for Boydell’s chapel and is one of eight saints set against similar rinceau grounds.

This month’s Panel comes from the parish church of St Wilfred at Grappenhall, a small village near Warrington in Cheshire.

Made c.1334 it is one of a number of panels of this date to have survived in the church.

The background is green hawthorn rinceau (a French word describing foliate designs), picked out from a wash of matt black paint.

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