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But ironically, some people knew her as Kira before this post went up — it is the name I gave her in my unpublished memoir Not Like The Whiskey, which I’ve shared with a dozen or so people. ” It makes me laugh, and then feel really, really creepy.

In fact, sometimes I even find myself calling her Kira in my mind.

Veteran broadcaster and journalist Derek Jameson has died, aged 82, of a heart attack at home.

— that sets it apart from more temperate and orderly biographies.And I wouldn't change it for anything in the world." Pink and Carey are clearly enjoying being parents of two, so hopefully we'll get treated to even more sweet family moments soon. The kind that slowly creeps into your mind, then your body, as it leaves you starving for affection?Pink and Carey Hart's son, Jameson Moon Hart, may only be two months old, but he's already melting hearts. 26, Pink and Carey have been sharing shots of their little bundle of joy on Instagram, including an adorable photo of their 5-year-old daughter, Willow, holding her new baby brother.To make matters even sweeter, Carey also shared a heartwarming picture of his two kids sleeping, writing, "Not gonna lie, saying that @pink and I have kids makes me a lil nervous and very grown up.Above all, the book demands that readers seriously engage with its arguments, while also prodding them to reexamine their own beliefs about art, madness and moral responsibility.

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