Updating maps in garmin

Updating paper charts is a simple matter of consulting the updates given in a relevant Notice to Mariners and transferring these via a trusty purple pen to the chart: David Rainsbury wrote about how to update your paper charts in PBO September 2014.

PC Version The map version date is displayed on the initial installation screen.

Available soon, the new Tom Tom Spark is the first GPS fitness watch to incorporate a MP3 player and is capable of holding up to 500 songs.

There a 4 models available from a basic GPS watch to the top of the range incorporating a highly accurate heart rate monitor.

Before I bought an i Phone, it had been a very useful tool for our travels.

To my surprise, it still runs smoothly the moment I turned it on.

Chart plotters There are three main providers of charts – Garmin (Garmin Blue Chart) Jeppesen (C-Map) and Navionics.

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