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To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here.In a heavily guarded mansion in a posh Virginia suburb, professional burglar and break-in artist Luther Whitney is trapped behind a two-way mirror.“Baldacci is…a first-rate storyteller who grabs readers by their lapels right away and won’t let go until they’ve finished his enthralling yarn.” — * * * * * Each writing project presents its own distinct set of challenges.With my first novel, ABSOLUTE POWER, I had a dilemma from the very first page.

When Clint Eastwood ascends the stairs of the mansion after turning off the alarm, he passes a Gainsborough painting called "Mary, Countess Howe." This painting is actually hanging in the museum of fine arts in Houston, Texas. A consistent plot involving many different types of characters in the form of organised professional robber Whitney (Marvellously portrayed by Eastwood) who is involved in a huge conspiracy involving the very uncomfortable president Hackman.The tone and style of Absolute Power is so different from the In the...The key characters of PR gurus Charles Prentiss and Martin Mc Cabe first appeared in Mark Tavener's 1989 satirical novel In the Red, which along with its sequels was adapted for a successful set of series on Radio 4.The series was devised and written by Mark Tavener, and logically follows the series In the Red, In the Balance, In the Chair, and In the End which he wrote with Peter Baynham.In some of these, Prentiss and Mc Cabe (again played by Fry and Bird) are elevated members of the BBC, before getting kicked out.I decided that the first character the reader would meet would be a burglar, Luther Whitney (the Clint Eastwood character, for those of you who saw the movie but didn’t read the book.) For the novel to work, the reader had to like, or at least sympathize with, Whitney.

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