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That was with Ted (Josh Radnor) and Victoria (Ashley Williams) driving off together after she skips out on her wedding. 24 premiere — and we’ll meet the guy Victoria left at the altar as well.

His name is Klaus, and he’s played by Thomas Lennon (“Reno 911,” “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”).

Also, I’m pretty sure we saw Barney struggle with returning to his womanizing ways after he broke up with Nora the first time. What I’m really trying to say here is, showrunners, you guys are blowing it. We love this show too, and if Season 8 is our last year with Ted, Robin, Marshall, Lily, and Barney, we want our final months together to be great. If you need Ted to have a crappy girlfriend, bring back Blah Blah or the awful girl who went for the Naked Man. We’ve followed these folks for seven years; we’ve experienced heartbreak with them and cheered them on. He does something dumb, Lily doesn’t trust him, he redeems himself.

If is going to insist on going back to taking things slow, can we at least get to know its characters? We want to see their story get the ending it deserves. We saw this last season when Marshall and Lily moved to the suburbs and Mickey reluctantly helped Marshall find the fuse box.

Some sign directly after a panel, so check the program grid daily.

The Autograph Area is open from to Thursday through Saturday and from to Sunday.

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Because of high demand and the limited time available from notables appearing to sign autographs, some signings may require tickets.She leaves dishes in the sink and doesn’t flush the toilet? This is happening.” – Robin to Lily after learning Lily’s dad’s house burned down: “I had no idea Naked Man Who Runs Into Inferno to Rescue Potato Salad was Mickey.” – Okay, baby Marvin is pretty cute.Nice work, Marshall and Lily, on creating an adorable fictional baby. Well, this week’s episode’s arms must be exhausted. After hiring a nanny to watch baby Marvin while Lily returned to work, Lily’s dad surprised everyone by actually being a good grandfather, earning his daughter’s trust.Barney tried to rebound from breaking up with Quinn by throwing himself back into single life, only to discover he’s not able to charm the ladies as easily as he used to. 's season premiere gave off the impression that the series was planning to keep things moving this season, that it didn’t have any time to waste.No autograph sessions will be held before or after these times.

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