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I can’t help but notice there is no Mesa/Boogie Mark I (Carlos Santana) or Mark IIc (Classic 80’s Cali Hard Rock) or Mark III (which is, I think, something that enabled the early Metallica ‘Scoop’ sound, and reportedly was the go-to amp as well for Prince).

My guitar teacher at the time, the late Buddy Ryan, played through a Magnatone amp and really believed they were the best, but at 15, the last thing I wanted to do was show up at band practice toting a Magnatone.

For me, it had to be a Vox - nothing else would do.

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Song: Artist: Keith Richards (The Rolling Stones) Ah, Keith Richards and his Les Paul Ampeg VT 22 combination.

It’s like chicken soup/comfort food for the soul of tone.

Holed up on the coast of France during 1969/70 to avoid arrest for tax evasion changes back in the UK, Keith and the boys recorded one of my all time favorite albums.

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Ben’s first post has become one of the most popular articles ever published on this site, so we asked Ben another list of definitive amps and songs. I had been thinking of major guitar players to interview for my upstart TV Show “Talkin’ Guitars.” I was driving down South Lewis Avenue and saw “Chuck Berry” on the marquis at the ORU Mabee Center for June 14. I recalled the story from my friend Larry Shaeffer about the time he booked Chuck for a Blues and Bar-B-Que festival in about 1992.Larry and his wife Sharna had taken Chuck out on the town to The Sunset Grill and partied till the wee hours.I called Shaeffer and he told me that his now ex-wife Sharna was Chuck''s local liaison for the concert.I also contacted the Mabee Center director of operations and left my name and message that I had two Fender Dual Showman Amps if they needed them.Koontz applied the same features to his designs for Standel.

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