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“Honest” is a great word to use as a measuring tool when it comes to dating, and how you feel about the other person and yourself.Ask yourself if you are being honest in the way you’re talking, thinking, and behaving.People often have bad experiences or don’t get who they want because they are too busy trying to be who they .This is "false advertising" and it will cause you to imprison yourself in inauthenticity. "Dial" is a term I use a lot because it provides me with a good, concrete visual for thinking about mindset.

Here are six key findings: When it comes to meeting romantic partners, most teens do this offline.

In 2013, our agency merged with Westport Cooperative Services to serve even more individuals, families, businesses, and faith groups across the greater Kansas City region.

Summary: For fifteen years, Host Andy Horning has met twice a month with the same group of men.

Developing relationships, especially the romantic kind, are a fundamental part of growing up.

Social media and mobile technology now permeate the lives of many teens, including their romantic relationships.

Only 8% of teens say they have met a romantic partner online.

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