Benzino and karlie really dating


Karlie is super-excited to see her daughter (who looks just like her mama!) but puts on her mother hat to tell her how important it is to finish school instead of jumping right into her career.

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She has a daughter, Jasmine, from a previous relationship.

Turns out that even though Mia married Woody, she and her lover Frank Sinatra “never really broke up.” Mia never publicly confirmed that Ol’ Blue Eyes is Ronan’s father, but it’s hard to ignore his big, blue peepers…, there were a lot of questions about her mysterious past.

And the biggest of all was the identity of her secret baby daddy, rumored to be famous fugitive and drug king pen Nathan ‘Nate’ Hill.

When she first signed on Karlie earned only ,000 the first season.

Now Redd commands an amazing 0,000 this season alone.

“I don’t have room for anything else, so I don’t know how I would have done it with a partner…. It was something I went in to knowingly, I was prepared mentally – and I was excited about it.” Image Source: When Lil Kim first revealed her pregnancy, she kept her child’s father a secret too.

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